1. Email

The Scheduler will coordinate meetings when they are included in an email.


Step 1: Email the people you want to coordinate with and include by cc: scheduler@convoke.ai. Here are a couple of examples of what you can write to the Scheduler:

  • Hi Scheduler! Can you schedule a coffee chat with my friend and me for 2 pm tomorrow?
  • Hi Scheduler! Can you schedule a 45-minute meeting with Amy and me for early next week at 2 pm?

Tip: Add Scheduler to your contacts (scheduler@convoke.ai)

Step 2: The Scheduler will confirm with you the details of the meeting via email - all you need to do is confirm or update the details

Step 3: Scheduler will email your guest/s with times you are available within your set timeframe. Your guests select one of the dates and times Scheduler offers; they are taken to a confirmation page where they can complete the meeting.


2. Scheduling Links

You can share your scheduling links with people you wish to meet.

There are two types of scheduling links:

  • The link to your scheduling home page
  • The links to your specific event type.

Scheduling Landing Page:

  • A link to your scheduling home page can be found in the top right corner of any page while in Convoke
  • To copy your landing page, click at the top right corner of any page in Convoke and copy the link from the address bar.

Specific Event Types:

  • You can locate your specific event-type scheduling links by going to Meeting templates
  • To copy a link to a specific type of event, go to Template and click the link 🔗icon next to the event you’d like to share.


Sharing your scheduling links:

There are many ways to share your scheduling home page link or your specific event links.

You can paste them anywhere you want to share the link, including emails, social media, text messages, and your website.